The Diffusion Standard

The QalibreMD Diffusion Standard calibrates and quantifies MRI scans
About the Diffusion Standard

Contains anthropomorphic set of silicone shells

Fits into most detection coils for breast imaging

Fits into all MRI Scanners on the market

Greatly reduces susceptibility distortions

All components are traceable to NIST

Unique tissue mimics match ADC, T1, and T2 

Proudly Developed in Collaboration with

Diffusion Standard Features
  • Four layers of alternating fibroglandular and fat mimics with T1 spread (100ms-1900 ms)
  • 12 spheres filled with fibroglandular T1 surrounded by bulk fat mimic
  • 12 spheres filled with fat mimic surrounded by bulk fibroglandular mimic
  • 194 mm diameter
  • 13 vials filled with aqueous solutions of PVP from 0 to 50 % w/w
  • Measurements taken with vials in ice bath at 0 degrees Celsius
  • Temperature probe port for easy measurement of temperature
  • Interchangeable vial plate for accommodating vials of difference sizes

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