The qMRI System Phantom

The QalibreMD System Phantom links cancer biomarkers to MRI image data

For MRI results to be of benefit to researchers and patients, results must be accurate and reproducible. Standardization across MRI sites and vendor scanners is essential for comparing results and compiling data. The QalibreMD System Phantom is the most comprehensive phantom for all your MRI calibration needs.

System Phantom Features

Key Features

  • Diameter: 194.5 mm, 224.5 mm (flange)
  • Contrast cells, 20 mm ID spheres: 14 spheres T1 spread (20ms-2s), 14 spheres T2 spread (8ms-800ms), and 14 spheres proton density
  • True dimensional/positional accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm on  all key elements
  • Three resolution inserts with hole/slot arrays
  • Wedges for slice profiling
  • Physical and MR key to precisely determine phantom alignment

Evaluated MRI Characteristics

  • B1 and B0 non-uniformity
  • Geometric linearity
  • Gradient amplitude
  • Slice profile and slice positioning accuracy
  • Landmark accuracy
  • System center frequency drift (short time duration)
  • Resolution, SNR
  • Accuracy and precision of T1, T2, and proton density measurements

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Proudly Developed in Collaboration with

QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices 
QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices