The qMRI Diffusion Phantom

The qMRI Diffusion Phantom measures water in the human body as it relates to cancer of neurodegenerative diseases

Diffusion MR imaging can provide information on the progression or remission of cancer. It is also commonly performed for evaluating an acute ischemic stroke, and is excellent at detecting small and early infarcts. With the QalibreMD Diffusion Phantom, radiologists and researchers can characterize MRI scanner performance when measuring the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC). 

Diffusion Standard Features

Key Features

  • Diameter: 194 mm
  • 13 vials filled with aqueous solutions of PVP from 0 up to 50% w/w
  • Standard measurements taken at 0 degrees Celsius
  • Temperature probe port for easy measurement of temperature
  • Interchangeable vial plate for accommodating vials of different sizes

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Proudly Developed in Collaboration with

QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices 
QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices