Manifesting Quantitative MRI for Better Precision Medicine

About QalibreMD

Our Vision

QalibreMD believes that every MRI scanner should produce accurate and precise results that enhance the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of quantitative MRI (qMRI). Our phantoms were developed in collaboration with a variety of institutions, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Currently, our phantoms are utilized in many research institutions and hospitals around the world. 

Our Team

Bill Hollander

Founder & CEO

Bill Hollander is a self-educated scientific instrument maker and businessman who began his career at JILA, a joint NIST/CU Boulder research institution. In 1993, Bill founded High Precision Devices with one employee. HPD has grown into a 50+ employee company, known for excellence in engineering and manufacturing high quality instruments. Currently, Bill is the CEO of HPD and QalibreMD.

Todor Karaulanov, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Todor Karaulanov, Ph.D. in Physics, is leading the development of QMD’s QA/QC MRI platform and its introduction to clinical practice. Todor’s experience spans from research on atomic-based magnetic field sensors(IE/BAS, Bulgaria, and UC Berkeley) through the realization of the first ultra-low field MRI device based on atomic sensing technology (LANL) to the development of a unique platform/instrument for early specific cancer detection currently in use at the Imaging Physics Department of MDAnderson Cancer Center.

Kevin Miller

Director of Business Development

Kevin Miller has over three decades of experience with advanced technology and business development, and program management. At QalibreMD, Kevin applies his scientific and business experience to the identification and evaluation of new business opportunities, and customer support.

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QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices 
QalibreMD, a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices